May 28, 2013 § 1 Comment


with nowhere to go the crow goes

faking it so long what’s real to the crow

wasn’t a raven only a crow

paces when he should fly the crow

the crow’s cock his asshole they’re the same

stubbed your toe don’t you know the crow

the crow of beautiful filth he’s the king

peeling away the edges he winks the crow

the fox has a tattoo you know it’s the crow

killed his friends to get to your bed the crow

left his home to get to your bed the crow

the crow don’t believe a word he’s said

even in the movies the crow’s really dead

lies when he tells the truth the crow

tells the truth when he lies the crow

the crow the crow the crow oh no it’s the crow

his kitchen dirty his bathroom clean the crow

it’s not his fault it’s yours the crow

fountains in the gutter the crow is good to go

made a mistake can’t say no the crow

what your ass means to the crow you’ll never know

hey crow foxes some are smarter than others

what is real and what do you know ask the crow

he can’t stay away from witches the crow

your teacher that disappeared one day the crow

good with rhymes and taking flak the crow

getting low on what makes him go the crow

he cares he doesn’t care the crow he knows

his crazy shit real his real shit crazy the crow

the crow even Chris Gordon doesn’t really know

prefers tobacco to occasional snow the crow

has an invisible friend named Joe the crow

nothing in this message rhymes with crow

the crow he’s visible but blind in the snow

to the crow she says you don’t even know

yokes and fetters baubles to the crow

he’ll live the crow at least one more day

to stay alive his script full of jive the crow

the crow he’s hoping for two seventy five

you aren’t coming back too soon no the crow

what you both talked about I don’t know the crow

wants to go fast but always goes slow the crow

the crow the devil’s in the details you know

in your bed in the parking lot the crow

don’t know his filth is your joy the crow

underneath all the stupid joy is sorrow the crow

all it takes is one corner the crow

he’s got one more day than you the crow


April 10, 2013

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