rather big for a crow distant woman in the snow


his pupil says he’s a raven the crow


thunderbird he consumes the crow


women whose name ends in “y” by the crow


an arbitrarily actualizing hologram could be the crow


the crow can’t make his feathers look right


the crow thought he was a one man show


the crow says a view master jack off


a note to bring peanuts to the crow


the crow gives away all his buttons


the crow he’s the enormous radio


post cards from his heart attack the crow


still waiting for Cindy Sherman the crow


your birthday on Desolation Row the crow


the crow will never go to Moab, Utah


the crow his super-power under tow


that summer with the wasps the crow


the raven and the mermaid don’t tell them so


his scheme to screw you the crow


the crow thinks he’s the chemist


the crow thinks he’s the bomb


the crow’s taking calls you know


even later the crow




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