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from Fifty-Three Divided by Seven or Eight


a zero sum coyote, probable rain ≥ attitude + eucalyptus


‹ itch relief. scavenging ≥ a candybar wrapper in scat


› a stranger blowing me kisses ≤ a stone’s hold


› unsystematically fluttering blackbirds but they’re not


› uninvited. a wasp lays eggs


close-captioned women who set themselves on fire


≥ a behavioral problem in the bathroom ≤ anti-


≥ a glance back ‹ their full upright and locked positions


≥ loosened for the ride › peaked. a heart with wings


dusk fallen down on her luck bags inside bags inside bags ≥



MARTIN LUCAS A Guide To Haiku For The 21st Century

September 4, 2015 § Leave a comment



the dawn comes

blue gray and quiet

after the thunder


swifts scream

along the high street

traffic crawls


facing the rain

on an upturned boat

a heron hunched




splits from the thistle



the color of the cornflowers



a slice of melon

thrown away

the end of summer


a cold room

the shape of the last guest

in the empty chair




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