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there’s just one

body and it happens

to be yours



PETER YOVU from Imago

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For Beauty I Wept Butterfly Pins



a small bird’s

thud against the glass


my house

closing in




into an ear’s


the wren’s inch



grackles gather

the enamel sound their beaks make


in my mouth



in a cave


the remains

of tiny toads


the little bones

in my ears





jagged sky

above the canyon


a crack in the egg



the sky’s blue gong an orange in my hand




Ornithopter Press 2016



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the preponderance

of my groceries

blue and brown





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architecture, or so


from A Hundred Years of English




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the crow says my oeuvre weighs a ton



three haiku

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ants in the white

gob pushed out by

the tube in the heat


the crow on the hedge

a shovel someone left

leaning in the rain


the white cord of

the coffee grinder hangs from

the shut cabinet door





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rather big for a crow distant woman in the snow


his pupil says he’s a raven the crow


thunderbird he consumes the crow


a little pussy under lace candy for the crow


women whose name ends in “y” by the crow


the crow is an arbitrarily actualizing hologram


the crow his wife her spectacular mounds


the crow can’t make his feathers look right


the crow thought he was a one man show


takes the sex princess to the fuck ball the crow


the crow says a view master jack off


a note to bring peanuts to the crow


the crow ponders the state of bears


the crow gives away all his buttons


the crow he’s the enormous radio


chickens cat shit dishes the crow


post cards from his heart attack the crow


the crow he’s just waiting for Cindy Sherman


your birthday on Desolation Row the crow


the crow will never go to Moab, Utah


the crow his super power under tow


that summer with the wasps the crow


the raven and the mermaid don’t tell them so


his scheme to screw you the crow


the crow thinks he’s the chemist


the crow thinks he’s the bomb


the crow’s taking calls you know


even later the crow




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