December 23, 2016 § Leave a comment


X’s on the calendar

we mark them for

different reasons


at first

it seems Venus

is moving


after the melt

the trees

still bent


years later

the same problem

with a comma


an insect

upsets the operation

of nature


it turns out

it was you

who did it


explore your soul

the thing above my

toilet says





December 16, 2016 § Leave a comment


her hand covered in orange pulp she slips into her accent


full moon hanging from a line between buildings a white shirt


it’s been ten years we start calling each other by name


cold spring rain snail in its beak the crow blinks


wan light of the bathroom a spider lowers to the blue tile


sun shifts to the rest of the house a petal blowing across the rug


the curve in the metal peaks a taut black cord its slight motion


waiting for the timer to go off I let the moth walk on my arm


the green chair has lost its cushion tracked in tiny wet leaves


dawn light of spring a ticking from the grasses


the lights go out here in the room all along the full moon


through a gap in the seat of the bench the last weed


she changes her bathing suit again the flies start biting


a spot on the table without varnish quietly the heave of trees


washed over the lip of the bowl an ant holding a yellow fleck


her hand turns purple in the rain an empty bus passes


steam drifting from a manhole a crow picks at ragged plastic


dandelions among the stones that wasn’t one machine it was two


covered in graffiti the train cars pass quickly through town


it keeps peeling itself off into a moth the bare bulb in the night









December 2, 2016 § Leave a comment


amygdala the nervous little shit


the dead animals all around me


a symphony of recorded hang-ups


the frog is a leak in the kitchen


nothing blooms precisely


it’s almost a French word


glimpse of a tuft of hair


the refrigerator turns off we hear traffic






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