SHAWN LINDSAY ant ant ant ant ant 1995-1999

June 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

bit by bit the apple peel around my finger


nicked her shin sweeping up the spring water a new moon


a rolled-up fence in the hayfield you can taste the lightening


exactly how my boot treads sound crimpling snow


on the corner with walnuts in her teeth it’s raining



the spruce

matted thick with ice

my tiny fingers



still the first raindrops straight down my spine


dripping wet mulberry leaves a crow anxiously



a white flower

held in the cinder block

flooded eaves



an inkling

of the bee’s vision

purple clover



autumn insects-

her perfume suffuses

the pillow



train tracks

one leaf spinning

on the beech



placing a palm on the kitchen window the thunder’s warm



invited to feel

the stubble on her legs-

autumn rain


road salt

tumbling in the vacuum of

an ambulance



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