Their Blurred Parts Acceptable

September 30, 2016 § 1 Comment


mixed up with

my black socks my wife’s

blue panties


fumbling with

the ham the crows use

their different voices


the fence is the gap

in the slats we forget

our manners



we’re all quiet for

the evening bird


between dreams

what’s left of

the hard-on


the phone in

my office tells me

I’m on night mode


because he’s

green I can’t

kill the fly


my hands nowhere

to put them except

my hands


chicks walking

their dogs their skirts

high on their thighs



diving the left

prefrontal cortex


how do you

spell tongue

my wife asks



clean there’s nothing

to do


the white

parts of the cat

move quickly


the breeze

that brings

a hot wind


the actresses

their blurred

parts acceptable


how can I

be hiding if you

know where I am


the fat girl

doesn’t get

a cigarette


I decide


a pistol


witch hazel


horse chestnut


discount shopping

the future is cheap

and heavy



sorbet the spoon

is deep


a year at

the station my bag

in the locker


my black

pants the fly

turns green


our wives

the cone of



as we

depart the raven

at last



use a



the hot springs

Russians talk about

America in Russian



girls their teenage



when you look

at ants you see

other things


a tiny

pool too hot

to touch


the patches around

the house the rain

doesn’t get to


I’d rather speak

to your pussy

in person


a thunderclap

and the sun

comes out


my cat he’s

different than

my other cat


she can’t describe

the thing that

pierced her toe


the police


the geese


people in

costumes shop

for costumes


it is raining

but it’s not

raining now


I don’t want

to get Hungarian

drunk either


on the way home

I see a man pee

in his bathroom


we have

a lot of



he seems to be


the winter fly





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