ant ant ant ant ant XV

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Staring out a window, I tremble like sea foam in a boot


Jon Cone

January 2019




ant ant ant ant ant XV

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a bird


Johannes S. H. Bjerg

January 2019




ant ant ant ant ant XV

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nightfall the empty grocery bag in the fridge one more day


Aditya Bahl

January 2019




paul m. haiku 1999

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supper finished;

on the cutting board

grains of rice


spring moon

on the crosscut saw

one broken handle


gazing on

her sleeping back

sounds of rain


the church bell

ringing one o’clock

bowed kite string


forked lightning

out over the ocean

her warm fingers


hearing the house


the wet rock garden


no snow here-

only these letters

from the attic


pear slice falling

to the kitchen floor

pale moonlight


evening breeze;

a white moth floating

in the dishwater



san francisco 1999




Tom Clausen Haiku 1994

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pussy willow in bud

closing my eyes

to the sun


soggy meadow

a redwing sings here

then there


across the street

a leaf drawn in a line

drags a bit






Arizona Zipper Haiku 1999

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Valentine Candy Heart

after reading the Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

I opt for a Stroh’s


Mimba doot geotig;

Kōgala vergutten pairp…

vut, vut, fizgigga!


“Ain’t love grand,” she grumps,


another Pink Twinkie.


inside the blues, outside the blues

½ the distance

of a candy bar


hightailing it

through the spring snow flurries

a stray mare


Raining cats and dogs

at daybreak;

the birds begin to sing.


suzanne sommers

shelley long

david caruso


At a friend’s funeral

my neighbor whispers

“When the hell are you going to mow your lawn?”


mountain pool

water striders loaf

on a cloud





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