Arizona Zipper Haiku 1999

May 3, 2019 § Leave a comment






Valentine Candy Heart

after reading the Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

I opt for a Stroh’s


Mimba doot geotig;

Kōgala vergutten pairp…

vut, vut, fizgigga!


“Ain’t love grand,” she grumps,


another Pink Twinkie.


inside the blues, outside the blues

½ the distance

of a candy bar


hightailing it

through the spring snow flurries

a stray mare


Raining cats and dogs

at daybreak;

the birds begin to sing.


suzanne sommers

shelley long

david caruso


At a friend’s funeral

my neighbor whispers

“When the hell are you going to mow your lawn?”


mountain pool

water striders loaf

on a cloud





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