Haiku 2019 (things)

October 26, 2019 § Leave a comment


Anima Rerum


Things said briefly in a public restroom


Things I threw away before you found them


Things in the bottom drawer of the nightstand


Things that only animals eat


Things you never sent in the mail


Things they did to you when you were a child


Things you said out loud you shouldn’t


Things you got you didn’t expect


Things you always hear on the bus


Things that take more time than they should


Things that defy explanation


Things that are 50% off


Things that are safe for your family


Things you throw up at 4am


Things that got you in jail


Things your wife suspects about you


Things I never seem to get back to


Things that don’t have odors


Things that look better on film


Things you would do over and screw up anyway




January 19, 2019



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