Thomas Wiloch Haiku 1994

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soft sun

drops a

trail of eyes


(lightning twist)




Thomas Wiloch Haiku 1994

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the burned



(circle of tombs)




Thomas Wiloch Haiku 1994

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of the suicide



(nest of stones)




Thomas Wiloch Haiku 1994

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glass bird


the finger path


(imaginary predator)




Marlene Mountain Haiku 1994

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well there goes the year of the woman whatever that meant


are you or have you ever been


money belt but heck no money and too much waist


neglected the birds neglected


the haiku spirit snarls through his narrow-minded lips


his dead-beat dad now dead


none of the horses in the western poops


spring’s cum


are you who you eat


it didn’t mean anything he says about the other woman


can’t we all just get along can’t we all just write our own


she speaks of her pain all of the windows up




Anthony J. Pupello on Marlene Mountain

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I had the opportunity to meet Marlene Mountain at a group show she was participating in at New York University. She was really something special. At first, I think I puzzled her. But when she recognized my name, it was as though we were old friends. Her pieces were something else as well. What was astounding was that Grey Art Gallery is so staid and Marlene and her work are certainly not. I was sort of surprised she showed there – but very happy as it gave me a chance to meet her. When I asked if she would be speaking the next day, she said “they wouldn’t let me speak – they’d tie me up!”

June 2, 1995




PETER YOVU from Imago

April 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

For Beauty I Wept Butterfly Pins



a small bird’s

thud against the glass


my house

closing in




into an ear’s


the wren’s inch



grackles gather

the enamel sound their beaks make


in my mouth



in a cave


the remains

of tiny toads


the little bones

in my ears





jagged sky

above the canyon


a crack in the egg



the sky’s blue gong an orange in my hand




Ornithopter Press 2016


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