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she says it’s soil not dirt dirt is dead





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on Pluto there are shapes we recognize





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only if you clean all her little jars





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old age it’s fish sticks and mayonnaise




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hornets cover the robin in the grass




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the red boat never been in the water



post-modern shit

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even Rimbaud

‘s not obscure

he’s excrescent





ROBERT CREELEY ant ant ant ant ant one

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Forget it,

man. It’s





Reading requests

for work’s

like working?









BILL DIMICHELE ant ant ant ant ant four

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climb down the ladder

many times more ladylike

terminus of light



one little nail-hole

is treasured as the gateway

its mystery breath



fallen from the trees

and into her red mitten

the visiting moon



returns the moonlight

half-lion and half-pharaoh

mingles with the guests



heart beating so fast

and under my fingernails

acorns and oak trees



sarcophagus lid

sinks low above the treetops

wash it down with beer



GARY HOTHAM ant ant ant ant ant 1994-1999

June 9, 2014 § Leave a comment


on the bus tour

the darkness of the tunnel

on everyone’s face



in the desk drawer

papers that were hers

every day



the trees bend

a wind we can’t get




tall grass

in the tall grass

a while to listen



down the hall voices

the soft click

as the door shuts us in



around our feet

water on its way

to more water



the rain not holding on

to anything my father turns




home late

the darkness the stars

are in



on the rocks around us

water splashed

out of the ocean



snow flakes

no one will miss

melt in her hand



a few feet

from our feet

the ocean bottom starts



only the sound

of their car

comes back




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