M. KETTNER ant ant ant ant ant five

May 18, 2010 § 1 Comment




spent fuel

gum beneath counters


dawn / a can of spilled paint


after we part

a glove floats by

on the river


fast moving clouds / picket fence missing a slat



Ping-Pong ball caught in a vacuum

parking tickets unpaid


your hair drawn back / the sharp taste of radishes


snow-covered fields

sound of a distant truck

changing gears


scratchy throat / wrapper caught in a fan



crow shadow

on snow


the back of your neck

through the rain

a car’s horn


autumn wind / sliding over empty table tops


no one home

dust ball

base of a chair leg


blocking the alley / a rusted water heater


list growing

waves eating away the shore

pull-chain worn


sitting on sandpaper

your hesitation

a hole in a plastic bag


teeth just cleaned / new bake-ware


Saturday rain

wrench in

a coffee can


through cattails / a refinery


one of those days

vacuum cleaner

in a vegetable garden


black of moonless waters

two front teeth



biting her nails / coffee cold


old puddle

in the sediment

dead worms


winter’s endless rain / the scorched bottom of pans



blowing through the house

fingerprints on the mirror


quiet afternoon

at home

full penny jar


spring thaw / tarp pulled back



in an unfamiliar city

slug in a vending machine


dusk / the spray-painted traffic sign


stark escarpment

heart a bag of rocks

ocean a distant pool table


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§ One Response to M. KETTNER ant ant ant ant ant five

  • john martone says:

    very gritty — very Kettner — very american (as in WCW) “through cattails / a refinery.” Reading them, I kept thinking Kette is deutsch for ‘chain’ and ketten = to bind with chain — the poems in their parts like links of a chain and that strong.

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