November 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

: : :

after the crow too many flies to count

a second glance at your wife the crow

when I crack the bones in my foot the crow

the crow

at night where is the crow

the squirrels never seem to mind the crow

used to rhyme with sow the crow

: : :

the crow calculates the seconds

three plus five that’s the crow

at the gem show he’s invisible the crow

the crow

the crow’s friends they just look like him

after you sleep the crow

call me later I’ve seen the crow

: : :

more than all you know the crow

the crow only his European suits

never on time but never late the crow

a last few tricks ask the crow

the crow

the crow has nothing to do with doors

not really black he’s purple the crow

: : :

the crow will see you after the show

dances in the rain because he can the crow

the crow wants to meet your little sister

lucky on the right but not on the left the crow

between the tweezers the crow

when you can’t make love the crow

on the wire more than you know the crow

: : :

did you say bless you to the crow

cheats at love but not at cards the crow

the crow

the crow says something says it again

on the bus everyone’s the crow

if you have a puzzle call the crow

even in empty spaces the crow

: : :

partial to reruns the crow

never been a verb the crow

hold the onions it’s the crow

the crow plays his last two cards

your mother’s umbrella used to be the crow

the crow red thread in tow

the crow

: : :

the crow sharpens his beak on the road

your plans are funny to the crow

somewhere between your commas the crow

the crow drops an acorn for the squirrels

behind the snow the crow

reap sow he don’t care the crow

doesn’t know his own name the crow

: : :

the crow takes a bite on the way to the table

at the payphone the crow without his coins

the crow

the crow forgets to mention the moon

implied by the crow numberless is the way to go

the crow gets you to pull down your pants

he picks at you when you sleep the crow

: : :

not quite a raven just a crow

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§ 2 Responses to CROW HAIKU

  • ppjrpost says:

    Hey Chris. When is the next ant5 coming out?

  • Susan Diridoni says:

    hi, Chris–love “THE CROW” more every time I read it. you are in “THE CROW” but it’s really about the crow, too. wish it could be a chapbook. even an ant5. really really really dig the crow.

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