Jon Cone Haiku 2005

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The wasp you don’t really like begins a new nest


Spring 2005




Richard Kostelanetz from Minimal Fictions XIX

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A lottery

Irregular quivering

Happy new life.

Passing through here.


Painting oneself daily.


Finding one’s fortune.

Men seeking women.

Outer space colonization.


Be a nuisance.

Forty years ago.


Light to darkness.




Secret documents.






Jason Sanford Brown Haiku 1995

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summer trees

bent down in supplication

afternoon rainfall




Jon Cone Haiku 2005

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I want to do it now   old door doesn’t close right


Three pennies in a urinal   full-moon tonight


Before the universe   not nothing to piss you off



Spring 2005







Jon Cone Haiku 2005

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Sparrows outside my window   monster at his desk


Spring 2005







John Stevenson Haiku 1995

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college town –

the same intersection

twenty years later


another driver

singing along

with my station


bent over

nearly to the ground

“No Stopping” sign



August 21, 1995




Alexis K. Rotella Haiku 1995

September 19, 2018 § Leave a comment



in a bucket –

only its eyes


Window frost –


the Milky Way


Before we kiss

wrapping my gum

in a maple leaf


Moving day –


the bird house


“Follow your bliss”

I tell him

knowing I’m not it









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